School Birthday 2014
September 26, 2014

Friday 19th of September was a very special and auspicious day for TSEP – it was teacher Narong’s birthday and the school’s 39th birthday celebrations. The day was spent having wonderful shows performed by both TSEP and Thewphaingarm school students to show the deep respect and love that everyone has for teacher Narong.  Many of the students had worked really hard to produce some wonderful acts to present on stage during the proceedings.

          In the morning at around 9am all the students from Thewphaingarm School and TSEP gathered in the 4th floor auditorium in preparation for the start of the celebrations. The event officially started as Teacher Narong , accompanied by the school’s VIP’s, entered the room.

There were many shows performed at the event. Kindergarten students performed a song and a dance. They were dressed in dazzling costumes and performed to the accompaniment of some funky music. It was a pleasure to watch, with no mishaps, and they all seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.

TSEP’s second performance of the day was by Grades 1 – 3. They put on a show called “Best Day of My Life”. It was really colourful and involved a lot of singing and dancing.

The third show from TSEP saw upper primary students, along with several students from secondary school perform a musical play called “Someone Who is Behind You”. This involved a lot of excellent singing and dancing. Grades 5 and 6 performed a Hip Hop dance routine, while Grade 4 performed traditional Korean Dancing, all of which had great had great choreography. All students performed to the best of their ability and put on a great show. Towards the end of this show Teacher Narong was presented with birthday gifts.


The last show performed by TSEP saw Nut and Jeen from Grade 12 perform a tango like dance which they had obviously practiced very hard for. After this Teacher Narong gave a speech before he was presented with gifts and birthday wishes by some of Thewphaingarm Schools’ alumni students. Once again the morning provided everyone with a wonderful range of performances and was enjoyed by everyone.