AFS Thailand in Thewphaingarm 2013/14
November 6, 2014

Klara Panther from Germany spent the whole of last year on an exchange program studying here at TSEP in Grade 10. The following is a question and answer session which Klara was kind enough to complete to share her experiences while she was here. TSEP misses you Klara!

1. What was your experience when you were at Thewphaingarm School?

-Thewphaingarm School was like my second home and my second hostfamily. Everybody at the school is part of this big family and i was thankfully able to be a part of it too.



2. What did you like to do most with your class mates?

-Actually everything that i´ve done with my class mates was fun. Going to eat dinner or to look what we´ve got for the afternoon break or just being in class with them for break time or playing badminton in the EP classes, whatever we´ve done together we found a reason to laugh and to smile. But i think the thing i liked to do most was to learn one of these dances out of a korean music video with my girls, it was really really funny and it made me really feel that i am a

part of them.



3. Which subject did you like most when you were at TSEP?

-Well i think i enjoyed the social studies classes (science, chemistry, geographie,…) most. But i guess thats just because of my personal interest in understanding things and the world.


4. Which teacher did you like most when you were in a class?

-I think i can´t answer this question because every teacher at TSEP was very kind to me and were willing to answer all my questions during classes. Especially at the begining where my English wasn´t very good they thaught me to try my best. This is also something i want to say for my whole thailand adventure. The people around me cheered me up to at least trying to say that to say this, to understand situations and trying to work out were my place is. Some people have done it indirectly, some people directly.



5. Did you have any chances to attend to school activity or competition? If yes how did you like it?

-I´ve got MANY chances to attend to school activites and i think actually everybody suported to make it possible for me to attend as many acitivities as i can and i am very thankfull for this. For example right at the beginning of my thailand year we had  kind of a „welcome in the middle school“ camp. I was very nervous at the beginning cause i was just a few weeks here in Bangkok and i still had to get use to all the new things and i didn´t now the language well and also all the people were new for me. But then my new class mates took my hand and took care of me and i´ve made my first friends and it was really really funny and it´s still one of my best memories.



6. What was your experience like with your hostfamily?

-Right at the begining at my first day in my hostfamily my hostmum told me that she will take me into her heart and that´s what she has done and i know it wasn´t very easy with me everytime. At first i was a new person, kind of a visitor but then i grew into a part of the family. Of course we had our up and downs but this is how a family works i guess. I had and still have a very close bonding with my two hostsisters. Both of them were older as me but supported me everywhere they were able to and hugged me when i was sad. P´Prao the younger one of my hostsisters also studied at TSEP. She was about to graduate and had to learn a lot and she was also very busy playing badminton (You have to know, she was really really good!!! She also went to japan and Vietnam to attend to international matches!!!) Some times we weren´t able to do a lot together but still we had fun everytime we saw us and we grew really really close and she is like a real sister for me (She also helped me with my Thai a lot. She was a strict teacher but we´ve got a good result i guess J). My hostfamily was very very important in my time in Thailand. And here i want take the chance to say thank you to them again, to my hostdad, hostmum, my two hostsisters and a good friend of my oldest hostsister who helped me a lot.



7. Between AFS Thailand & Thewphaingarm, who was the teacher that coordinated with you?

-The teacher who coordinated with me was a teacher at my school, teacher Nong. She was a big help for me. Also because she knew how it was to be an exchange student and she knew all the thoughts cruisng in my mind. Especialy at the beginning i was very happy that i´ve got her because she took me to a few trips to show me the Thai-Culture.



8. When you had a problem, did you get any support from teachers, friends and your host family?

-Yes, when i didnt´t understand something or when i was just sad and i didn´t even know why there was everytime somebody who i could talk to or just have fun with them so that i knew i wasn´t alone.


9. What did you improve while you were at TSEP?

-Uhh thats a very difficult question. I am not really good in judging myself, but i think i improved  being more convident in communicating with the people around me and to understand differnet persons and opinions in situations i´ve never been in before and then make a step towards them but still pay them respect. I guess this is very important when you want to live in a different culture than i grew up. And of course i  improved my English and Thai at TSEP J.



10. If you have a chance to recommend your friend about TSEP at Thewphaingarm, what would you tell them?

-If i would have the chance to recommend TSEP at Thewphaingarm to a friend i would tell them that studying there is a great experience and that this school really helps you to understand the Thai culture because they celebrate the special Buddihsm days and also organize events for the students, which also improves the feeling of unity. TSEP has teachers from all over the world so the students get use to all the different slangs. The concept of the Thewphaingarm School English Program is that the students learn to use English in their lifes, not just in an exam.


11. Beside of these questions what else would you like to share with TSEP´s website?

-I just want to say thank you all of the people around me in my time in thailand again and tell especially my Thewwphaingarm Family that i really enjoyed being with them ! <3