Halloween 2014
November 14, 2014

On Friday 31st of September TSEP had their own special day of fun to celebrate the creepiest of all days – Halloween. Many students came to school in their own Halloween fancy dress costumes. These were all excellent and ranged from zombies to ghosts, and from vampires to witches.

The day started with morning assembly. Teacher Jimmy presented a Halloween special assembly where upper secondary students were bandaged up to look like mummies by some of the younger students. This ended with a mummy race, which was won by Jeep.

In the morning at various times primary students went on the rampage round the school trick or treating, under the careful guidance of their teachers. This resulted in most of the students having huge piles of sweets that must have made them feel a bit queasy.

After lunch the primary students were entertained by various creepy activities. There was an activity to turn students into mummies, a game of “what’s in the bag”, and a session of Halloween origami. At the end of the day the students were judged to find out who had the best costumes. It was an entertaining day and everyone had a lot of fun.