Sports Day 2014
December 26, 2014

On Friday the 28th November, TSEP and Thewphiangarm School held the annual extravaganza which is Sport’s Day. It was a lovely cool morning with a gentle breeze, clear blue skies, and the perfect weather for the event which stared at 8 am.

The day started with an performance by the school band (from primary) which preceded a colourful parade of all four teams of students as they marched round the grounds respectfully showing everyone how spectacular they were and creating an atmosphere of competition. It was a very well choreographed procession and ended with all of the participants assembling on Sanam Nakaratch between their lavishly decorated sports stands to await the official start of the event.

Following this was the official opening which was attended by all of the senior school staff. There were songs sung by everyone to pay respect to H.R.M. The King, followed by the official school song.  After a round of speeches; and a boquet of balloons were released into the sky; the starting gong was sounded by the guest of honour to mark the start of the competition. Also in attendance were several of TSEP’s alumni who came to catch up with old friends and chat with their teachers.

After the students took their positions on the stand, the secondary students’ shows began. These all involved well organized and choreographed dance routines and very well made sets which were used as backdrops for their performances. Year on year our students routines outshine those of previous years. Many of the acts were dedicated to the Royal Family, others incorporated an ASEAN theme; while others paid tribute to the school. Once the performances had finished the secondary school students took their positions and the cheerleading competitions commenced.

While this was happening, the primary students were in full flow cheering and cheerleading mode in the indoor gymnasium. Everyone was dressed in their team colours and had instruments to make noise with and to keep rhythm with their cheering. TSEP were encouraged by students from grade 6 armed with megaphones. Well done to those students for providing endless enthusiasm and inspiration.

There were many running races which were undertaken with much gusto and enthusiasm by most of the students involved, and a variety of winners from all teams. Grades 1, 2, and 3 had their own miniature sporting event, which was held in the indoor basketball courts. Again there was a lot of cheering, and the students all made a huge effort while enacting their cheering routines. Activities included a basketball competition, running races and tugs of war, with games of musical chairs for the school’s kindergarten students.

All in all it was a splendid day which was enjoyed by everyone. Congratulations to all the students for their efforts on a long and exciting day.