Scout Camp 2014/15
January 29, 2015

On Friday 16th  and Saturday 17th  of January TSEP’s grades 4 – 12 departed from Bangkok to attend this year’s annual scout camp and interrelationship camp. Students, teachers and buses met up early in the morning and boarded said buses in anticipation of the upcoming two days of fun and games. The convoy of buses headed in roughly a northwesterly direction to the venue. The new location was at the Pine Resort which is located at Pathum Thani, about 60km from Bangkok.

On arrival at the Pine Resort everybody went to find their rooms, unpack, freshen up, and get changed to be ready for the opening ceremonies. Once this part of the day was concluded everyone headed to lunch to fuel themselves with lots of energy in preparation for the afternoon’s activities which lay ahead.

The Scout Camp activities all took on what could be described as a survival theme. Students in grades 4 and 6 learnt and practiced fun new skills which would be vital if they found themselves stranded out in the wilds of the countryside. There were four activities involved in this, with students rotating round each one. They learned how to make rafts out of plastic bottles and then sail them across a river without them sinking. They learnt how to put tents up and quickly pack them away again. Other activities included a treasure hunt for sweets which had been cunningly hidden in the wooded area. All students tried really hard at these activities and had a lot of fun.

Interrelationship camp activities took on an entirely different theme and involved everyone in grades 6 – 12 getting soaked to the skin, even some of the teachers. This was because Pine Resort comes equipped with a rather large pond and a variety of contraptions which provided methods for getting from one side of the pond to the other. There was a stepping stone activity where students had to run across 25 wobbly pads. A tandem death slide allowed two students at a time to zip across the lake very quickly. There was a shaky rope bridge which required great balance to cross successfully. Unfortunately many of our students didn’t display balance and ended up in the water, much to their friends’ satisfaction. Lastly there were giant barrel rafts which allowed students to paddle their way across the lake at a more sedate pace.

After a sumptuous dinner the evening activities began. This year the activities were designed and ran by Grade 12 students, and made sure that everyone was involved. They did an excellent job of providing activities which excited (and sometimes scared) all of the students.

On Saturday morning the activities continued before everyone had lunch. After that were the closing ceremonies in which the best scouts from each group were announced and then everyone got changed and ready to return to Bangkok. Everybody had a splendid time at camp this year and we all look forward to next year’s event.