Young Researcher

To give students excellence in critical and creative thinking by learning through problem solving, case studies, role plays and experiencing success creatively through “learning products” as a project or as research work.

The school has coordination with outside organizations and universities that have students / graduates joining in with the project as facilitators to give our students the best potential from Track 2 and for quality research and learning.

Format of activities for the Young Researcher Project

Primary level 1 – Secondary level 6

1. Holding a competition for research results and projects

2. Presentation and demonstration of quality research on The Day of Discovery

3. Robot Land Club creates robots through the use of computer programs. In addition to this, through collaboration with students from Mahidol University members of the club have gained expertise in creating their own computer programs.

Creating an altimeter using methods based upon theorems of similar triangles


1.           Mr. Prakitchai          Pimpilar                                             M.5    

2.           Mr. Trirat                  Soisangthong                                   M.5

3.           Mr. Ketsophon         Sirisopha                                           M.5

4.           Mr. Chatiya               Pasukarn                                            M.5

5.           Mr. Kuntapat            Popaphaphan                                    M.5


The objective of the research

            To educate and enhance skills and abilities necessary for operating measurement equipment using processes related to theorems of similar triangles.


The result of the experiment

            After the heights of the objects were calculated to test the equipments efficiency, it displayed a low margin of error (accuracy was within 0.012 meters or 0.048%). Therefore, it can be deduced that the equipment is capable of measuring height values with precise accuracy. In conclusion, when calculated correctly the triangle theory can indeed be applied to determine a definitive measurement of the height of an object. 

Smart Helmet


1.           Mr. Apichart             Sonsin                                                M.5    

2.           Mr. Saharat               Khanchai                                           M.5

3.           Mr. Natthapon          Chaisong                                           M.5

4.           Mr. Noppagraw        Kongeang                                          M.5

5.           Mr. Poowadol           Semmesuk                                        M.5

6.           Mr. Natthawat          Patthanachockrungreung               M.5


The objective of the research

            To invent a helmet that will help drivers to avoid accidents while riding.


The result of the experiment

            This research tried using a web-camera security system to assist drivers when they wore the smart helmet. It sent live video to a computer which was linked to the wheel brake system. There was a micro controller arduino that would lock the wheels in order to rot allow the driver to ride the motorcycle without wearing the helmet.

            There were 5 experimenting groups of motorcycle drivers. The results showed that the smart helmet worked efficiently and was greatly appreciated by the people who took part in the study.